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Nearly 100 rock pools are scattered around the vast, spectacular coastline of Australia.


Over the past century, rock pools have been an important part of life on the Northern Beaches, creating a place for locals to meet their neighbours, create lifelong friendships and swim in safety.  


The pools make a significant contribution to creating a community that feels more like what you would find in a country town than part of the most populated city in Australia. 


Of course, locals know of the pools but few would know the heart-warming stories that lie beneath each of them, stretching back to the early 1900s.


"This Is My Pool" will lead the viewer on a journey that explores the characters who have contributed to the rich texture of this part of Australian society.  Their family histories, their lives and loves, experiencing both hardships and happy times.


The film will look at the history of the pools in the Northern Beaches from an Indigenous perspective.  It will address the impact of World War II and the sacrifices made in particular by the women left behind while their husbands fought in faraway lands.


It will demonstrate the Northern Beaches to be an inclusive community, welcoming children from the bush, teaching them valuable skills.


It will explore how the rock pools have been an integral part of generating the volunteering spirit connected to surf life saving. 


The pools are not only loved by locals but have been enjoyed by countless visitors from overseas. In a post-COVID world, this documentary will serve to help stimulate domestic and international tourism to the local area by showcasing the unique beauty of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia and the welcoming, relaxed spirit of its people.


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